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Dexi offers a fast, reliable and affordable platform for gathering and building data intelligence - as well as the know-how to ensure a high return in investment

Get faster to market

Quickly spot opportunities, validate your proposition against the competition and cross check against thousands of data points.

Cut costs and save time

Dexi robot technology automatically captures limitless data and transforms it to meaningful insights faster than anything else on the market.

Increased efficiency, accuracy and quality

Dexi interacts intelligently with the web and cloud sources, identifying and closing data gaps to deliver complete and powerful automation and insights.

Ultimate scale and speed for data intelligence

Employ unlimited robots to gather, knowledge, monitor and process data from any web source and eliminate inefficient manual processes.

Advanced automation tools

... as capable as a human, incalculably faster

Intelligent, automated knowledge extraction software

Dexi software uses advanced robot technology that goes beyond today's data extraction tools, reaching the same level of data interrogation possible by humans – only multiple times faster and on a vastly bigger scale. Learn more

Intelligent data insights

We provide the automated data extraction, monitoring and processing software you need throughout your operations and value chain to improve business performance.

Fast, efficient data extraction

Dexi's Intelligent Automation (IA) tool enables businesses to automatically and rapidly extract large scale data from any accessible web and cloud sources.

High scale knowledge capture

Employ unlimited robots to gather knowledge, monitor and process data from any website and eliminate inefficient manual processes.

Intelligent data mining

Our robots can extract data to same level of capability as a human, including extracting data from behind password protected content.

Real-time data points

For customers who need real-time info such as prices, sales or availability data, Dexi can execute and process data on a minute by minute basis.

Dexi helps solve real market challenges

Execute detailed background checks, monitor brands and use as a powerful research instrument

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Tech

Banking on global brands every moment

Within Banking, Dexi Intelligent Automation technology is being adopted to create and orchestrate thousands robots in a single, automated operation to deliver up to the minute data on the global consumer market and leading brands. This empowers banks to continuously yield valuable insights and offer investors and other stakeholders unrivalled intel. Dexi can extract data from unlimited sources - automated, fast and in-real time.
Price Promotion Place Product Target market

Retail product owners on top of their 4Ps

Being agile is the name of the game in successful retail management. Dexi provides deep insights and sales intelligence across unlimited products for any region, competitor or store using real time data extraction and monitoring robot technology. Dexi can execute multiple robots to extract data from any competitor's web source.

Data empowered, agile government services

Dexi allows government organisations restricted by resource and system constraints to be more agile by enabling smart data extraction, monitoring and processing technology for case management and other on-demand data gathering projects. Dexi's automated, purpose designed robots can gather and process real-time information and connect with existing, standardised back office applications with minimal hassle. Dexi can extract, process and connect data to any organisation.

Technology systems unlimited upgrade

Technology firms use dexi to embed powerful data extracting, monitoring and processing capabilities into their customer solutions and platforms. It is seamless - Dexi handles all necessary APIs, interfaces and processes for hassle-free software integration and maintenance. Dexi can add powerful, unlimited data extraction and processing capabilities to what others do.

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Robots - unlimited

Executions - unlimited

Online support

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Dedicated capacity

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News article

Web scraping or web data extraction?

If you are a developer you might have noticed a change in wording surrounding what would normally be described as web scraping. This is now called web research or as we call it, web extraction. So why don’t we just call it web scraping? Depending on geographic location the understanding of web scraping and if it’s a good or bad thing ranges from “Web Scraping is a natural tool for data research” to “this is a gray zone”.
By Jacob Laurvigen on September 20th, 2016 Read full article

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