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Extract — Enrich — Connect

With our data extraction and robotic process automation (RPA) tool you can extract and transform data from any web source.

Extract — Enrich — Connect

Use the visual data pipe tool to normalize, transform and enrich data and build an engine for handling all your data sources.

Extract — Enrich — Connect

Connect data from any data source to any destination with a few clicks. It is that easy!

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Big shout out to dexi.io for the amazing product and support. You guys rock! If you need a web extraction tool check them out!

Jason - SpringRewards

Pipes are very easy to use and the results are amazing. I am thoroughly impressed.

Johnny Andersen - autobutler.com

I am totally satisfied with the help and and service your team provided us and profoundly appreciate it. We managed to scrape 65 million data rows within days!

Hamid Shaker, PhD Candidate - University of Calgary

dexi.io is one of the best data harvesting tools I've seen. Customer support is fantastic as well.

David Forrest - uwithus.com

Video tutorials

Video: How to use Dexi.io to extract data from websites with pagination

Tutorial on how to build a web scraper that incorporates multiple pages

Video: How use the Dexi.io extractor to fill out forms

Tutorial on how to build a web robot to fill out a complex form and extract data

Video: How to use the Dexi.io Web Crawler

Tutorial on how to go to individual pages in a catalog and extract information on the product

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Workers Up to 10 Workers = Concurrent robot executions
Execution time 60 min
Extra minute 10c per min
Feature access Full
Support Online
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Workers $99 per month Workers = Concurrent robot executions
Execution time Unlimited
Feature access Full
Support Online prioritized
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Dedicated workers Workers = Concurrent robot executions
Dedicated environment Workers can run 24/7 and execute in a fast and reliable closed environment
Access to dexi team Gain personal access to our dedicated innovation team
Premium support Prioritized 24/7 premium support and direct number for emergencies
Global server deployment Eg. integration with your own Amazon EC2 account or ours if needed
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Web scraping or web data extraction?

If you are a developer you might have noticed a change in wording surrounding what would normally be described as web scraping. This is now called web research or as we call it, web extraction. So why don’t we just call it web scraping? Depending on geographic location the understanding of web scraping and if it’s a good or bad thing ranges from “Web Scraping is a natural tool for data research” to “this is a gray zone”.

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