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A new and exciting technology pioneered by CEO and mastermind behind Dexi Henrik Hofmeister and his Co-Founder Jacob Laurvigen. Today, Dexi's Intelligent Automation Platform is used widely by over 50,000 leading companies worldwide including Vodafone, Samsung, Volkswagen, Amazon and Accenture.

Coupled with Dexi's advancement in data extraction and processing technology,  Jacob Laurvigen has spearheaded Dexi's accelerated adoption into the Enterprise space through the development of RAIN or Rapid Automated Intelligence.  

A combination of best practice, technology and specialised consultancy that enables organisations to automatically accumulate 'layers' of valuable business knowledge consisting of ever expanding and refreshed data. 

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The Team

Henrik Hofmeister

CEO, CTO, Founder of Dexi
Henrik Hofmeister

Henrik Hofmeister

CEO/CTO Founder of Dexi

Henrik Hofmeister is CEO of Dexi. Founding the company in 2012, he is recognised as an innovator of Intelligent Automation through his vision that has advanced simple web based data gathering to powerful, intelligent automated data monitoring & processing that enables businesses to win against their competitors.

Now as CEO Henrik is focused on the further development and partner integration of dexi.io that has already made it the fastest-growing cloud based data intelligence software solution on the market.

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Jacob Laurvigen

Group COO & Co-Founder
Jacob Laurvigen

Jacob Laurvigen

Group COO & President, US & EMEA

Jacob Laurvigen is Group COO and Co-Founder of Dexi.He leads the company’s commercial strategy along with constantly pushing the boundaries for how data and automation can be applied to business. 

Besides already achieving his first successful exit early in life, Jacob Laurvigen has 20 years' experience in running and transforming cutting edge technology businesses prior to joining dexi.io.

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Chris Sayer


Andrés Angulo

Lead Software Engineer

Morten Garbøl Franck

Lead Software Engineer

Dean Bradley

Senior DevOps Engineer

Robin Richardson

Chief Designer

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