Release highlights January 27th 2017

By Stefan Avivson on February 2nd, 2017

Pipes Debugging

Now you can debug your pipe executions both live – and after they’ve stopped. This makes pipes many times easier to debug when something fails and gives deep insight into how your pipes behave – and how far they are in processing.



Read more about pipes debugging by clicking here

Data set deduplication & combine

Data sets have also gotten a face lift with 2 new powerful options for deduplication and combining 1 data set with another.



Read more about deduplication & combine by clicking here


We’re also introducing a brand new robot type – we’ve called it an AutoBot.



AutoBots provides a mapping between any url and your Extractor robots – allowing you to interact with a single AutoBot that then forwards your request to potentially 100s or 1000s of extractor robots defined within. This feature allows you to perform web scraping on a professional level never seen before!

Read more about AutoBots by clicking here

Complex Data Types

We’ve given all field definition interfaces a face lift as well – and introduced the ability to have complex types all over. This means you can now have arrays and objects in your output from your robots – as complex as you’d like. We’ve also added some new step actions to the Extractor robot that further enables you to leverage this new feature.
Additionally we’ve made it possible to use data types as input and / or output for all robot types.



Read more about data types by clicking here

Facebook Pipe Actions

We’ve also launched a new set of pipe actions that allows you to query and interact with the Facebook Graph API – directly from ! We support querying places and events based on areas, and several lookups based on their internal Facebook ID’s. This is part of our continued efforts to bring more social data onto the platform – which now includes data from Foursquare, Facebook and Flickr.



Release highlights 13th October 2016

By Stefan Avivson on October 14th, 2016

Today’s release is the biggest in the history of! It includes new features we are really proud to announce – the first three in particular! Please read on…

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